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Wurruwarduwarda Clay & Ochre Scrub

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According to traditions passed down by our mothers, aunties and grandmothers, Wurruwarduwarda (Spinifex Grass) is used in many bush recipes. Here, we create a concentrated botanical extract and combine it with mineral-rich kaolin clay and an oatmeal soap base, along with crushed bark, flowers and seeds for an exfoliating texture. Coloured with the gorgeous palette of our own Groote Eylandt ochres, and scented with organic eucalyptus and tea tree oils, this is a scrub which will pamper, refresh, and delight.


  • Oatmeal Soap Base
  • Coconut Oil (Refined) Certified Organic ACO
  • Spinifex Longifolius (Spinifex Grass) Extract
  • Australian Kaolin Clay
  • Groote Eylandt Ochre
  • Eucalyptus Oil Certified Organic ACO/USDA
  • Tea Tree Oil Certified Organic ACO
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