Giving Back

We use traditional knowledge to power social enterprise that empowers and gives back to our communities.

Our Mission is to support Warnindilyakwa women to be strong in culture, wellbeing, education, and respect.  We have set up a Strong Women’s Team and administer the Groote Eylandt Milyakburra Strong Women’s Group.   

As a group of community elders and leaders, we focus on local solutions to local challenges.  We make change for better social outcomes on some tough issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse, youth justice and suicide, chronic disease, education, and parenting.   

We bring women in our communities together to connect and give us a sense of purpose.  We are strong women wanting to make a difference by ourselves, for ourselves, for our families, and most of all, for our communities.   

We know what a good community looks like, and we are working towards this.  We are leaders and advocates for good values and showing our families love and respect.  We need to show some tough love and make some hard decisions and sometimes this is difficult, but we know it is worth it.  

Our Strong Women’s Team runs Eningaba Arndirnda (Good Heart), a healthy lifestyle program for our staff and women in our community.  We learn through educational programs such as healthy cooking, physiotherapy and exercises, and literacy and language. 

We work with our local Community Development Program to support training and transition into the workplace, so our children, sisters and aunties are ready for work as we grow and have jobs available.   

We share our bush medicine knowledge and run workshops for our young girls from the schools so they can come and learn about bush medicine and running a Corporation and business.  

We are learning, mentoring, and leading the way, showing our young girls who are the future employees and leaders of our communities how to Rise Up. 



Here are the ways that you can be involved:

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