Calming Travel Pack

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Stay calm and grounded while you travel with Bush Medijina's new Calming Travel Pack.

Delivering comforting aromas with Mawilyaburna (Liniment) leaves. A natural emollient for skin, our Calming Travel Pack initiates a sensory journey intended to leave you feeling soothed and composed.

Presented in a reusable bag, this set contains:

- 50ml Hand & Body Wash, formulated to leave your skin feeling soft and silky.

- 50ml Calming Body Lotion, providing exceptional hydration.

- 10g Calm Balm, a lush soothing balm for the face and body; and

- Lip Balm Tin, made from beeswax and Merrika (Broad Leaved Wattle) extract and infused with organic essential oils.